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Industry veterans Kent Dicks and Clint McClellan collaborate to improve patient and clinician experience —


BOSTON, October, 18, 2018 – At the Connected Health Conference today, Indie Health highlighted positive market response for its collaboration with Life365, delivering Indie’s highly optimized, standardized and easy-to-integrate wireless Smart digital health devices to Life365’s telehealth customers. For 18 months, Indie Health has been the preferred provider of digital health devices for Life365’s remote monitoring platform under a preferred partnership.

“We chose to work with Indie Health because their devices eliminate significant barriers to implementation of our digital health tools for patients and providers, and the feedback has been extremely positive,” said Kent Dicks, Chief Executive Officer, Life365. “Our client’s typical patient is coping with more than one chronic condition or may be transitioning to remote home monitoring from an inpatient setting. Indie’s products make it easier to get patients set up quickly, so from the outset they have one less obstacle to improved health.”

Pictured: Life365 physician portal and patient app, shown with Indie Health blood pressure monitor and weight scale.

As the founder of MedApps, Dicks pioneered the development of lighter touch telehealth systems, and established efficacy in using patient-centered mobile health solutions. MedApps’ solutions were effective in supplying near-real time biometric data to providers and EMRs, maximizing professional resources, keeping costs low and increasing patient engagement and adherence. Led by Dicks, the Life365 team has developed a digital health software platform, that enables the integration and alignment of digital health solutions for patients outside of the hospital in order to maximize adherence, quality of care and ROI.

“It’s an honor to be working with Life365, an established remote care provider whose values are deeply rooted in patient experience and outcomes,” said Clint McClellan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Indie Health. “We have established a successful track record with Life365, helping to improve access to care and clinical outcomes.”

McClellan is an experienced technologist, with a long career in wireless connectivity, interoperability and standards in healthcare, including previous roles at Qualcomm and Continua Health Alliance. McClellan designed Indie Health’s devices to make connected care simple and accessible for patients, physicians, platform solution providers and value-added resellers.

Indie Health at the Connected Health Conference

McClellan will present as part of a panel session, “What it Really Takes to Build a Connected Health Solution,” on Friday, October 19 (12:40-1:30 p.m.), and will deliver a presentation in the Startup Showcase on the exhibit floor, “Advice from a Tech Veteran,” Thursday, October 18 (11:50 a.m.–12:05 p.m.). Indie Health is a Bronze sponsor of Connected Health Conference.

About Life365

Life365’s connected health platform facilitates technology deployment that enables healthcare systems to scale self-managed patient care solutions to the home. Life365 integrates devices, software applications, and patient engagement tools to enable improved health outcomes, operational efficiencies, and lower healthcare costs. Life365’s team members have over a decade of experience developing remote patient monitoring technology solutions. Life365 is based in Tempe, Arizona. For more information regarding Life365, please visit

About Indie Health

Indie Health makes digital health accessible, easy and reliable, offering a digital health device portfolio optimized for patients, healthcare providers, platform solution providers and value-added resellers. Indie Health eliminates technology barriers with its one-of-a-kind, proprietary AutoPair™ feature. AutoPair reduces complications, with factory-built standardization, rigorous device testing and optimization of device profiles for rapid, native app integration. Indie’s devices are IoT-ready and are integrated into leading digital health platforms. Make digital health accessible at