Indie Health Partners with VivoSense to Provide Advanced Insights in Chronic Disease Management and Pharmaceutical Clinical Trials

San Diego, CA, March 5, 2019 — Biometric sensor provider Indie Health announces its partnership with data analytics specialist VivoSense, to accelerate the delivery of actionable insights and accurate monitoring of patients’ health status. Combining VivoSense software with Indie Health sensor data ensures complete data integrity and structures it within a secure, regulatory-compliant and auditable environment.

Indie Health’s biosensors, including activity trackers, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, weight scales and other physiological sensors, are paired with a patient’s smartphone or tablet using the company’s proprietary AutoPair™ technology. This will accelerate study enrollment and patient engagement, while collecting the biometric data vital in today’s clinical research.

“Our biometric devices have been integrating digital health into clinician workflows, and are empowering patients to better manage their health. Now, we’re excited to apply our solutions to improve research and the clinical trial process,” said Clint McClellan, CEO of Indie Health. “By seamlessly analyzing the resulting biometric data, we can save valuable time and resources in drug and medical device development.”

VivoSense can analyze data from any biometric sensor or combination of sensors to integrate, clean, analyze and derive new biomarkers which withstand the most rigorous academic and regulatory scrutiny. The large physiological data-sets generated by these sensors are key to monitoring health and managing chronic conditions. They enable greater understanding of the effects of new medicines and therapies in development.

“Sophisticated new analytics are the key to making sense of the complex data sets generated by human study participants and patients requiring long or short-term chronic disease monitoring,” said Dudley Tabakin, CEO and Co-founder of VivoSense. “The collaboration between the two companies, combining Indie Health sensor data with VivoSense software, enable data cleaning, robust analytics and generate disease biomarkers, all within a Regulatory-compliant software environment.”

About Vivonoetics, Inc.

Vivonoetics Inc., founded in 2009, and based in Newport Coast, CA, is a leader in wearable cardiorespiratory monitoring technology for clinical research. Through the use of Vivonoetics core laboratory services and VivoSense® technology, pharmaceutical researchers can now obtain high quality data solutions to continually and passively describe a patient’s longitudinal pulmonary status in clinical, ambulatory and home settings. Vivonoetics has supported research and clinical trials using VivoSense® at over 500 leading pharmaceutical, research and academic institutions across a wide range of disease states, including sleep disordered breathing, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Rett Syndrome and cystic fibrosis. For more information, visit and contact us at

About Indie Health

Indie Health makes digital health accessible, easy and reliable, offering a digital health device portfolio optimized for patients, healthcare providers, platform solution providers and value-added resellers. Indie Health eliminates technology barriers with its one-of-a-kind, proprietary AutoPair™ feature. AutoPair reduces complications, with factory-built standardization, rigorous device testing and optimization of device profiles for rapid, native app integration. Indie’s devices are IoT-ready and are integrated into leading digital health platforms. Make digital health accessible at