Device Portfolio

Sidestep technology challenges to enable digital health transformation

Indie Health devices make digital health easy for every player in the continuum—from patients and healthcare providers to technologists developing platform solutions or offering top-notch digital health customer experiences as value-added resellers.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Wide Range Cuff
8.5″ to 16.5″ / 22 cm to 44 cm

Instruction Manual

Manual de Instrucciones

Activity/Sleep Tracker

Waterproof; includes Heart Rate Monitor

The Indie Health difference is your advantage:

  • Immediate results for healthcare providers and patients – just use our proprietary Autopair™ technology to pair devices remotely
  • Rapid deployment at any scale
  • Unmatched reliability with the most highly optimized IoT digital health devices based on global standards, with appropriate FDA and CE clearances.
  • Made for native app integration, with open APIs – no extra app required!
  • No data security concerns – Indie Health is never in possession of a patient’s personal health data