Indie Health makes remote patient monitoring easy, affordable, scalable, and reliable. We offer connected health devices optimized for patients, healthcare providers, platform solution providers and value-added resellers. Indie Health eliminates technology barriers for users and platform integrators with our one-of-a-kind, patented AutoPair™ Bluetooth technology. Indie Health reduces up front technological work through factory-built standardization, rigorous device testing and optimization of device profiles for rapid, native app integration. Indie Health’s digital health devices are IoT-ready and are already integrated into leading digital health platforms. Indie Health: Digital health simplified. For everyone.

Clint McClellan

Founder and CEO

Leveraging more than 15 years of experience as a wireless health executive, Clint founded Indie Health to develop the most highly standardized, certified, easiest to integrate, reliable and user-friendly digital health devices in the industry. Clint’s vision is to make digital health accessible by removing technological barriers for every player in the ecosystem.

Clint was most recently Co-Founder of Qualcomm Life, and prior to that established Qualcomm’s Global Industry Analyst and Global Market Intelligence programs. He has served as the President and founding Chair of Continua Health Alliance, where he led the successful effort to get Continua Standards adopted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T), a standards body of the United Nations, as the only global standard for connectivity of personal connected health devices and systems.

Clint was the founding Chair of the Consumer Electronics Association Health and Fitness Division (CEA now operates as the Consumer Technology Association) and founding Chair of the HIMSS’ Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHAlliance). He has served on the boards of the San Diego Telecom Council and CommNexus and was Board Chair for the Foundation for the Children of the Californias. Clint currently serves on the advisory councils of EvoNexus, Larta and the Veterans Research Alliance (VRA). Most recently Clint joined UC Irvine as an Expert-in-Residence in its Applied Innovation Center, and joined the Case School of Engineering and Case Western Reserve University as an Advisor for Wireless Health and Wearable Solutions.

Ed Siemens

Former Executive Vice President

Ed Siemens legacy will forever shape Indie Health. Ed was at the convergence of consumer goods and medical products for over 30 years, working to develop medical products into affordable and accessible consumer goods. Joining Indie Health was a natural extension of Ed’s background. As a member of the executive team, he helped us grow to fulfill Indie Health’s vision for digital health, with scalable, affordable, reliable and user-friendly sensors, built around international standards.

Before his passing, Ed led sales at Qualcomm Life as part of the team that developed and marketed the company’s original 2net Platform. Ed formerly led sales at A&D Medical, managing, directing and building out A&D’s connect device line of products. He also led sales at Lifestream Technologies, building and managing its smartcard connected cholesterol monitor during its startup days. As President of Omron Healthcare, Ed provided the vision and focus to build the number one organization in consumer digital diagnostics.

Indie Health would not be where we are today without Ed’s vision and he will always be remembered as one of our most trusted partners and advisors.