Digital Health Simplified. For Everyone.


Technology is making amazing things possible in human health. From remote care and personal health tools designed to promote engagement and behavior change to population-level data analytics and artificial intelligence, digital health technology is creating unprecedented opportunities for disease management, prevention and individualized treatment. But technology can also be an obstacle. Indie Health was established by industry veterans with decades of experience focused on resolving connectivity, interoperability and usability challenges in digital health. Fulfilling a vision for a seamless user experience, Indie Health brings you digital health simplified. For everyone.

Indie Health makes digital health easy, accessible, reliable and efficient for every player in the continuum, from patients and healthcare providers to platform solution providers and value-added resellers focused on offering a premier experience for their healthcare customers. Our portfolio of personal health devices is IoT-ready and designed to work before a patient even opens the box–so it’s ready, set, go!


We take three steps to overcome time-consuming device integration issues common in digital health:

  1. Indie Health devices, made by top digital health manufacturers, integrate the latest industry standards optimized by Indie Health and incorporate proprietary firmware to allow easy device connectivity –before they even leave the factory
  2. Every device is rigorously tested across all commercial versions of iOS and Android before shipping
  3. Customers are provided with Indie’s meticulous software development kit (SDK or devkit) with optimized device profiles, to enable rapid, native app integration and avoid superfluous apps


Eliminate technology barriers for patients and healthcare providers, so you can get to outcomes and scale right away. Our Proprietary AutoPair™ feature means Indie devices can be paired remotely with any Bluetooth device while still in the box! That means no tech knowledge is required by providers or patients.


Indie Health devices are ready for large-scale, IoT deployments and are already integrated into leading platforms and integrators such as Qualcomm’s 2net Hub, MobileHelp, ONKOL, Trapolo and Integron.

White labeling is available.

Indie and VivoSense Advance Chronic Disease, Pharma Trials Insights

CONTACT:Gina Cellat: 857-239-9198gcella@cellapr.comIndie Health Partners with VivoSense to Provide Advanced Insights in Chronic Disease Management and Pharmaceutical Clinical TrialsSan Diego, CA, March 5, 2019 — Biometric sensor provider Indie Health...

Life365 and Indie Health Collaborate to Simplify Telehealth

BOSTON, October, 18, 2018 – At the Connected Health Conference today, Indie Health highlighted positive market response for its collaboration with Life365, delivering Indie’s highly optimized, standardized and easy-to-integrate Bluetooth Smart digital health devices to Life365’s telehealth customers.

Healthcare Providers

Population health is as simple as a single handoff.

  • The device is ready to use when the patient receives it – start your pop health program right away.
  • Built-in compatibility with Apple and Android phones, tablets and platforms. BYOD? No problem.
  • Indie Health never has access to patients’ personal health data.


Managing your condition has never been easier.

  • Your device is ready to use when you receive it – already connected to your healthcare provider, and able to collect and view your personal health data.
  • Indie devices connect to Apple and Android phones, tablets and everything in between.

Platform Solutions Providers

Go to market faster, with confidence.

  • Designed for simple platform integration.
  • No unnecessary apps – integrate natively with open Indie Health APIs.
  • You own all the data: Indie Health never possesses patient data.

Value-Added Resellers

Add value you can measure with accessibility, speed and reliability.

  • Rapid integration and scaling via the industry’s most standardized, certified digital health devices, highest quality software development kit (SDK) and Indie firmware.
  • Proprietary AutoPair™ for remote pairing with any Bluetooth phone, tablet or hub.
  • Meticulous testing on commercial versions of iOS, Android.